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Why Choose Our Fit-Out Services?

At Premfit, we specialise in delivering comprehensive CAT-A,  A+ & B Industrial and Commercial Office Fit-Out services.

We provide full-build solutions for Industrial, Commercial, and office spaces, including dilapidation works and sustainable upgrades. Our team designs, supplies, and installs to ensure the project is completed to your specifications and within your budget. Trust in our expertise to get the job done right.

  • Cost-effective solution
    We have worked hard to offer a cost-effective service while still delivering quality.
  • Hassle-Free
    Our dedicated team will help you throughout the project, ensuring a hassle-free experience

Our Fit-Out Services

Premfit provides different levels of fit-out options tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Offering CAT A, CAT A+ & CAT B. Here is visual explanation of these levels.

Shell & Core

The shell of a building is like its outer skin. It includes the walls, roof, and foundation – basically, everything on the outside.

The core of a building is like its heart and essentials. It’s the central area that contains things like elevators, stairs, mechanical rooms and utility shafts.


A CAT-A fitout is a basic interior construction in a commercial space. It includes structural elements, essential services like electricity and HVAC, and fire safety measures. However, it lacks interior finishes and customization, offering a blank slate.


A CAT-A+ fitout is a step beyond CAT-A, offering a more finished space. It includes additional interior finishes, such as flooring and basic lighting. While it’s not fully customised, it provides a more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment compared to the basic CAT-A fitout.


A CAT-B fitout is a customised interior space. It goes beyond CAT-A and includes interior finishes, partitioning, and other client-specific design elements. It’s tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the client, creating a functional and visually appealing workspace.