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Why Choose Us For Refurbishments?

In the past 15 years, our team has completed hundreds of industrial and commercial refurbishment projects. Our management team has over 30 years of experience providing high-quality fit-out & refurbishment services.

As we strive to deliver high-quality projects while recognising the importance of your program, we are proud to have retained clients who continue to expect their projects to be completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.

  • Industry Leading Standards
    Our experienced in-house team has established a commitment to maintaining exceptional standards for every project.
  • Fully Trusted
    We have achieved successful project completions spanning from £150,000 to over £3 million, earning the trust of repeat clients who have confidence in our team.

Our Refurbishment Services

Premfit’s refurbishment team specialises in industrial and commercial internal refurbishments.

Whether it’s warehouse spraying, cladding repairs, or a comprehensive refurbishment, our experienced team at Premfit has you covered.


Internal industrial refurbishments are necessary to update and improve industrial facilities. These refurbishments address outdated equipment, enhance efficiency, ensure safety compliance, and may involve expanding capacity.

They also optimise space, maintain structural integrity, meet regulations, improve employee comfort, and provide a competitive edge. Overall, they contribute to the long-term success of industrial businesses.


Internal commercial refurbishments are indispensable for modernizing facilities, enhancing efficiency, upholding safety measures, and adhering to environmental and regulatory guidelines.

Moreover, they play a crucial role when commercial properties need to be restored to their original condition before a lease concludes.